Product(s) deauthorization is not possible through the website or help-desk service.
Product(s) deauthorization is not possible for trial and free products.

Products deauthorization is supported by the Aquarius application and the Aquarius web. In case you are using the Aquarius application, you will not able to deauthorize other computers, which means, you will only able to deauthorize only the computer where Aquarius application is running. This limitation does not exist on the Aquarius web.

If you are going to make major changes to your computer system, for example, hardware change or operating system updates, especially if a change is relative to the disk where your products are located, we recommend you de-authorize the products before making the changes.

Deauthorizing products with the Aquarius application
  1. Run and update the Aquarius application to the latest version.
  2. Log-in on the Aquarius application.
  3. Go to the updates page.
  4. Select the product to deauthorize.
  5. Select deauthorize.
  6. Click on deauthorize.

NOTE: As you can see, you can only deauthorize products previously installed, and keep in mind that a product uninstallation will lead to an automatic product deauthorization.

Deauthorizing products with the Aquarius web
  1. Go to Aquarius Web using your web-browser with link:
  2. Log-in on Aquarius Web.
  3. Go to the purchased page.
  4. Scroll down to find the product you want to manage.
  5. Click on the settings icon.
  6. Click on the trash bin icon of the computer authorization that you wish to delete.

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