Transfer a product as a second-hand sale between two final customers is allowed. The users can transfer their products up to five times free of charge via the Aquarius Web. The product transfers that need the Acustica Audio staff assistance have an administrative cost of 25 euros for each product and transfer.

 Before start or request the transfer, it is mandatory to de-authorize and uninstall the product to transfer.

Product transfer terms and conditions:

  • Acustica Audio products and license transfer policy, terms, and conditions may change at any time without prior notice.
  • Product transfers performed by Acustica Audio staff have an administrative cost.
  • The current product transfer administrative cost is 25 euros per product and the administrative cost may change at any time without any prior notice.
  • Transferred products cannot be returned.
  • Product transfers cannot be canceled.
  • Product transfers are only available for customers who own a purchased, full software license of the product in question.
  • The former owner performing a product transfer should de-authorize and uninstall the selected product(s) before transferring it to another account.
  • Use the Aquarius web product transfer tool wisely and carefully, there is no simulation mode, and all transfers are final.
  • Second-hand products cannot be returned.
  • Product transfers are not available for: time-limited, educational, NFR, special, institutional, or retail bundled software.

Do not send us emails or reply to the help-desk solutions, since the ticket will be created without any property and our help-desk agents will not answer them.

To contact Acustica Audio support go to the ‘Support and Help-desk Section’ in your Acustica Audio account. We do not provide support via social networks, public forums, Acustica Audio forums, or email accounts.