Acustica Audio's products are based on sampling procedures from real analogue and digital equipment using a fixed sampling frequency. Alternative samples are then created with other sampling frequencies to provide each product with better functionality, i.e. each product has four sampling frequencies, 44.1 kHz, 48.0 kHz, 88.2 kHz, and 96 kHz, which are the most samples rates currently used.

When you are trying to run a session and the sample rate is missing, for example, Green version 4 without the frequency pack, your audio host (DAW or NLE) will ask the plug-in to convert the vectors files to match the session sample rate, which could lead to slower load time and less accurate sound quality.

For larger products, for example, Green version 4 or Green version 4 Zen, the 48 kHz, and the 88.2 kHz sample rate vector files can be installed through the Aquarius Desktop application separately, so these are the frequency packs.

IMPORTANT: The correct functioning of the products is highly dependent on the files installed by the Aquarius Desktop application. Deleting any files created by the Aquarius Desktop application may cause your products to malfunction.

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