Make sure that the Aquarius application has successfully completed the product installation. To do so, go to the folder selected for your plug-ins and verify visually that the files and folders were successfully created.
In many cases the problem is simply that you are installing another plug-in format and your audio host, DAW or NLE, not support it.

In case your product installation, via the Aquarius application, is not successful, please read the following solution: how to debug Aquarius installation or authorization issues.

In case your plug-in files are present in the plug-in folder, proceed as follows:

  1. Close your host application, DAW or NLE, and reboot your computer.
  2. Find your plug-in folder path. The path for the VST2 format could be not fixed and several paths can coexist. Please read solution default paths for Acqua Effect plug-ins for more precise plug-ins path information.
  3. Create an auxiliary folder outside your current plug-in folder, for example on desktop or in a secure external device, with the name 'My plug-ins (unused)'.
  4. Move all your plug-ins to the back-up 'My plug-ins (unused)' folder. Your plug-in folder must be empty now.
  5. Run Aquarius and reinstall the problematic product from the purchased page.
  6. Run your host application, DAW or NLE. The host application should re-scan your plug-in and should detect only one plug-in.

  • If your product now it is recognized by your host, DAW or NLE, recover your plug-ins from your back-up 'My plug-ins (unused)' folder. Be careful, some plug-in(s) is not working properly and your host scan is crashing, we recommend you to move your plug-ins one by one until you detect the wrong one(s).
  • If your product is not yet recognized by your host, DAW or NLE, check your host documentation and delete the plug-ins blacklist and the plug-in cache file in order to force a new complete plug-in scan in the next host run.

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