Resetting the Aquarius Desktop application product cache

Modified on Wed, 27 Sep 2023 at 02:31 PM

One of the most time-consuming tasks in the Aquarius Desktop application, besides product installation itself, is searching and scanning for the installed products on the user's computer.  

Scanning is executed when the updates page is displayed. At that point, a substantial amount of additional time is also spent on retrieving available versions of each installed product.

With the introduction of the subscription service, scanning has been executed at several additional points. This means that combined with many products installed, the total time spent on scanning can become pretty substantial.

  • The primary purpose of the product cache feature is to speed up the scanning process.
  • The product cache feature is automatically enabled and uses a special file named aquarius.cache, located in the same folder as the Aquarius desktop settings file.
  • The product cache file is created when scanning is executed for the first time or if the product cache file doesn’t exist yet.
  • The product cache file contains the list of products installed on the computer, and it’s constantly being updated and synced with every install, uninstall, and update operation.
  • The product cache file will be used on the next scanning request instead of a full new scan. This can result in noticeably faster operation.


If cache file content becomes out-of-sync, invalid or corrupted, typically due to unfinished Aquarius Desktop operations.

  1. Open the settings window and go installation tab.
  2. Click on the products re-scan button. This action will delete an invalid product cache file.
  3. Close the settings window and open the updates page. This action will re-scan all products on the local computer and create an up-to-date product cache file.

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