How to use Artificial Intelligence presets with Acqua Effect plug-ins

Modified on Fri, 8 Sep, 2023 at 12:47 PM

Unlike standard statics presets that simply load the same parameters each time you use them, our Artificial Intelligence presets (AI) are based on a huge amount of data sampled from real-life mixing sessions by renowned engineers.

The Artificial intelligence will assess the audio being fed into the plug-in on playback, and then, based on the data stored in its memory, it will automatically modify the plug-in parameters, emulating what the referenced engineer would have done in a similar situation.

To obtain the best results

  1. Loop a short audio section that you deem most significant for the AI evaluation. The analyzed time frame is quite short (only a couple of seconds), so different points in the audio will produce different results.
  2. Click the preset you would like to use.
  3. Sit back and watch as the settings change.

If you find problems with the Acqua Effect plug-in preset, we recommend first uninstalling the product and reinstalling it, always using the latest version of the Aquarius Desktop application.

NOTE: The standard preset will not be available when a product includes artificial intelligence presets.

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