N4 and N4 Player Comparison Chart
FeaturesN4N4 Player
CORE 16 support
UAE (Universal Acqua Engine)1.4.3761.4.376
Simple user interface mode
Integrated Settings
Integrated Finder
Integrated Presets editorX
Integrated Setups editorX
Support zero latency (via N4 setup)X
Support N4 setups (create, edit, and etc.)X
Support for Nebula Server 4 (under development)
Support Nebula2 librariesX
Support Nebula3 librariesX
Support Nebula Libraries for N4
Support Acqua Libraries for N4
Support Acqua Effect plug-ins
Support upgrade from N4 Player to N4
Support Nebula Libraries and Acqua Libraries for N4 as VST, AAX, or AU plug-in via a setup
Support upgrade from Nebula3 (Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro, or Nebula3 Server) to N4 or N4 PlayerXX
IntegrationN4N4 Player
Full integration in Aquarius Desktop (download, authorization, update, etc.)
Full integration in the marketplace for official 3rd party developers* products
OS supportedN4N4 Player
Support Windows 10 (64-bits)
Support macOS 10.15 (64-bits)
Plug-in formats supportedN4N4 Player
Support VST2 64 bits format
Support VST3 64 bits format
Support AAX 64 bits format
Support AU 64 bits format (macOS only)
Library and additional contentN4N4 Player
Commercial Library (Cross Platform Commercial Library v5)X
YROY Nebula Library for N4Trial
Rose Nebula Library for N4Trial
Violet Nebula Library for N4X
Rose Acqua Effect plug-inX
Violet Acqua Effect plug-inX

On-line authorization required (via Aquarius Desktop)
On-line de-authorization required (via Aquarius Desktop)

Price and upgrade optionsN4N4 Player
Price MSRP499 eurosFREE
Commercial Library (Cross Platform Commercial Library v5)IncludedN/A
Cross-grade price from Nebula3 (Nebula3, Nebula3 Pro, or Nebula3 Server)N/AN/A

* With the term official 3rd party developers we refer to all developers listed on our website: https://www.acustica-audio.com/pages/developers
All information and prices may change without any prior notice

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