Aquarius Desktop application 2.3.x or superior add the activation feature that allows you to enter, apply, and redeem activation codes.

These are the steps to follow to activate an activation code:

  1. Log-in to the Aquarius Desktop application with your email user-name and password. 
  2. Click on the Aquarius Desktop application settings.
  3. Click on the activations tab.
  4. Paste your activation code (copy and paste are allowed).
  5. Click on apply to redeem your activation code.
  6. Click on save.

Do not send us emails or reply to the help-desk solutions, since the ticket will be created without any property and our help-desk agents will not answer them.

To contact the Acustica Audio support go to the ‘Support and Help-desk Section’ in your Acustica Audio account. We do not provide support via social networks, public forums, Acustica Audio forums, or email accounts.