Frost is a powerful Acqua Effect channel strip plug-in from our available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats, which 

represents the ultimate expression of Acustica’s new high-performance hyper-technology.

Frost is made up of three processing modules:

  • Equalizer module.
  • Pre-amplification plus clipper & saturator module.
  • Dynamic module.

Frost also includes oversampling, stereo & middle-side, user interface resizing, and dynamic equalization.

Learn more about forst by reading  user manual.

Install Frost
  1. Run Aquarius Desktop application (ADA).
  2. Go to the Purchased page.
  3. In the top search filter, type "Frost" (without the quotes). 
  4. Select the format depending on your audio host (DAW or NLE).
  5. Click on Install.

Run Frost on Cubase
  1. Run Cubase.
  2. Create a new audio track.
  3. Go to the track insert slots.
  4. Add a new plug-in and use the search to find Frost.

Run Frost on Logic Pro

  1. Run Logic Pro.
  2. Create a new audio track.
  3. Go to the track insert slots.
  4. Go Audio Units, Acustica, Frost x64.
  5. Select Frost x64.

Run Frost on Pro Tools
  1. Run Pro Tools.
  2. Create a new audio track.
  3. Click on an empty insert slot.
  4. Use the built-in search engine and type "Frost". 
  5. Select Frost (stereo).

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