Redeem your Fire the Clip using an activation code

  1. Create a user account on the Acustica Audio website if you do not have one yet.
  2. Download and install the Aquarius Desktop application (ADA) if you do not have it installed yet.
  3. Run and log-in to the Aquarius Desktop application (ADA) using your email user-name and password.
  4. Click on the settings icon.
  5. Click on the activations tab.
  6. Insert your activation code in the activation code field.
  7. Click on the apply button. Aquarius Desktop (ADA) will deposit Fire the Clip on your account.
  8. Click on save.

Learn more about the Aquarius Desktop application by reading the online user guide.

Install Fire the Clip
  1. Run Aquarius Desktop application (ADA).
  2. Go to the Purchased page.
  3. In the top search filter, type "Fire the Clip" (without the quotes). 
  4. Select as format VST3 x64.
  5. Click on Install.

For other audio hosts (DAW or NLE) drop-down the menu and select the right plug-in format.

Run Fire the Clip
  1. Open your audio host (DAW or NLE), for example, Cubase.
  2. Create a new audio track.
  3. Go to the track insert slots.
  4. Add a new plug-in and use the search to find Fire the Clip.

For other audio hosts (DAW or NLE), read how to load plug-ins in the user guide.

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