Open a support ticket from your account and assign it to sales department. Ticket subject should be: "product transfer" plus "product name" to be transferred. Sales ticket body must contain the following information:

  • Purchase number order/code:
  • Product to be transferred:
  • Buyer e-mail address (in Acustica Audio web-site):


A sales support agent will reply your ticket with custom product transfer code to pay the product transfer administrative cost in Acustica Audio web-store. After paying product transfer administrative cost, report in the sales ticket the purchase number order/code of the product transfer. Product will be removed from seller's account and added to buyer's account. A sales support agent will contact second hand owner via ticket system after the second hand product is deposited in the client's account.  


Please be patient, products and transfer are performed manually with a delay maximum of fourteen days but delay may increase depending on local bank holidays or staff vacations.