After research some cases reported by our users, we can confirm, in certain cases, that Aquarius may not work correctly in some computers with operating system macOS. The symptom usually is the lack of the plug-in files (.vst, aaxplugin, or .component) at the end of product installation.

As workaround we propose:

  1. Go macOS Applications folder and delete Aquarius application.
  2. Download and install latest version of Aquarius 2 or  superior, and auto-update to latest version.
  3. Go macOS Applications folder and run the newer Aquarius.
  4. Log-in Aquarius using as user-name your e-mail address (mandatory).
  5. Download again the problematic product, and monitor the plug-in destination folder, and check if all files are created.

If this wrong behaviour continues to happen, open a support ticket with following information:

  1. Go macOS Applications folder, and compress Aquarius application in .ZIP format.
  2. Run Aquarius and enable Aquarius LOG.
  3. Try again to download the problematic product.
  4. After installation end close Aquarius.
  5. Add in the support ticket the compressed Aquarius application and the Aquarius LOG.

To contact Acustica Audio support go to the ‘Support and Help-desk Section’ in your Acustica Audio account. We do not provide support via social networks, public forums, Acustica Audio forums, or email accounts